Thursday, 19 December 2013

and the world keeps crashing down

I am not in a Christmas mood right now.
It is way to warm for Christmas, no snow - but that is usually the case. It's maybe also because my room isn't decorated with Christmas stuff. I am also still mourning because of that one Belgian guy, and he is happy and I am seriously happy that he is, but when I see her next to him my heart aces.

Now something totally random, I recently found out how to properly pronounce miscellaneous. I never knew before and pronounced it somewhat like /misselluss/ .... now I know. Thanks to Die Hard 2 .  I watched it yesterday as part of my Christmas canon, I also watched Bridget Jones' Diary.  But I didn't get into it if you know what I mean.

My dog is very sick. She has a tumor and an inflammation in her teats. It could have been worse, but she nearly passed away from Sunday to Monday. We went to the vet, of course. And now she is better, mainly because of the meds she gets. Painkillers, antibiotics, ... she barely eats. Poor thing, I hope she gets better soon.

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