Thursday, 24 October 2013

No. 42

Your Luck for Today:
Your number bad for luck today,
But if you hustle sure to pay.

Your Fortune:
By what's a called luck you'll never thrive,
But you'll never be in need ;
You're sure to be industrious,
By hard work you'll succeed.
A long sought position in life will soon be yours.

You will get your wish if you work for it.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

No. 38

Your Luck for Today:
You've drawn today a "Thirty-eight"
For signing papers better wait.

Your Fortune:
Your fortune is a warning,
for fate around you weaves
A loss of wealth or jewelry
Through carelessness or thieves.
You'll have a merry night, followed by unpleasant consequences.

You will get your wish. 

Gut, also noch ein bisschen warten bis ich einen neuen Mietvertrag unterschreibe und suche ersteinmal weiter nach einer Wohnung. 

Was den letzten Satz betrifft: YAY ^^