Thursday, 19 December 2013

and the world keeps crashing down

I am not in a Christmas mood right now.
It is way to warm for Christmas, no snow - but that is usually the case. It's maybe also because my room isn't decorated with Christmas stuff. I am also still mourning because of that one Belgian guy, and he is happy and I am seriously happy that he is, but when I see her next to him my heart aces.

Now something totally random, I recently found out how to properly pronounce miscellaneous. I never knew before and pronounced it somewhat like /misselluss/ .... now I know. Thanks to Die Hard 2 .  I watched it yesterday as part of my Christmas canon, I also watched Bridget Jones' Diary.  But I didn't get into it if you know what I mean.

My dog is very sick. She has a tumor and an inflammation in her teats. It could have been worse, but she nearly passed away from Sunday to Monday. We went to the vet, of course. And now she is better, mainly because of the meds she gets. Painkillers, antibiotics, ... she barely eats. Poor thing, I hope she gets better soon.

Friday, 13 December 2013

CHristmas is coming...

I got accepted for the CELTA trainee program in March 2014. I am so happy about this. I hope it will help me put my life back on track; getting a proper job and get out of this shithole I live in right now.

I just have to get some preparations done before I will go there, like recap on some grammar and pronunciation stuff and that kind, so I won't look like an idiot and may be able to explain everything. I am a bit excited, but in a positive way.

Tomorrow my mum is picking me up from CTown and we're going to the Christmas market here. I really look forward to this. But for now I have to buy some stuffing for my knitting stuff. I have two owls to stuff and a rabbit to make.

And then there is my movie list I have to watch before Christmas and finally I made up a plan how I handle it. I put the movies into several groups

  • Action Christmas, 
  • Animated Christmas, 
  • Dickens Christmas, 
  • Romantic Christmas, 
  • Family Christmas, 
  • Fantasy Christmas,
  • Drama Christmas, 
  • Funny Christmas, and 
  • Sci-Fi Christmas 

So I will pick one or two topics per day and then watch a movie from those. So today I picked Dickens and Family.
From the first topic I will watch Blackadder's Christmas Carol  and Mickey's Christmas Carol. I haven't seen either of them yet, so I can only imagine what they are like. Both are variations of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I suspect to be the first one rather funny and unconventional, the Disney version should also be funny and cute. I will write a short review later... unless I forget it.
From the second topic I will watch Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980). This is an every-year MUST watch for me, and my family. I will watch it alone this year, and if it will be on TV as well, I will watch it with my mum again. It's a story about a young American boy who is the heir of an English Lordship. His father died and his grandfather is an old grumpy man, but of course the boy will win the old man's heart in the end. It is such a cheesy movie.

Monday, 9 December 2013

(Christmas Movie List) Day 5

I didn't feel that good today, so I got Ebola, Red and White and cuddled with them on my sofa after work, switched on the computer got some DVDs/BlueRays out and watched some Movies.

At first I finished watching Die Hard because I didn't yesterday night. I was way too tired to be completely devoted to that masterpiece of Christmas-ly art. So I drank my herbal tea and enjoyed myself. The next  movie on the list was A Miracle on 34th Street. The perfect movie to finish knitting the Christmas present for my grandmother. And now my mood cries for Bridget Jones Diary The Last Unicorn. Perfect movie for me right now. Unfortunately I can't watch Love... Actually this week for the disc is at my parents, so I just wait for the weekend to appear.

I hope my mum decides to pick me up from Chemnitz on Saturday afternoon so we both can go to the Christmasmarket here. I love the medieval themed one. ...

Off I am for Bridget. I hope I will get the guy I love also. Damn I was a fool for not telling him, and now he has a girlfriend. I hate it, hate it, hate it... especially me, for being such a stupid girl.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Movie List

I'm not sure how to handle this yet, and I also forgot to update, so here is a short, emotionless update for my Christmas movies so far. I started December 5.

Day 1

A Christmas Story
A Princess for Christmas

Day 2

He-Man Xmas
'Tis the Season to be Smurfy
Arthur Christmas

Day 3

This Christmas

Thursday, 24 October 2013

No. 42

Your Luck for Today:
Your number bad for luck today,
But if you hustle sure to pay.

Your Fortune:
By what's a called luck you'll never thrive,
But you'll never be in need ;
You're sure to be industrious,
By hard work you'll succeed.
A long sought position in life will soon be yours.

You will get your wish if you work for it.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

No. 38

Your Luck for Today:
You've drawn today a "Thirty-eight"
For signing papers better wait.

Your Fortune:
Your fortune is a warning,
for fate around you weaves
A loss of wealth or jewelry
Through carelessness or thieves.
You'll have a merry night, followed by unpleasant consequences.

You will get your wish. 

Gut, also noch ein bisschen warten bis ich einen neuen Mietvertrag unterschreibe und suche ersteinmal weiter nach einer Wohnung. 

Was den letzten Satz betrifft: YAY ^^

Thursday, 12 September 2013